FundingHub Finance is a broking service that matches businesses and professionals with a database of over 60 lenders and connects them with experts to assist them. Our no-obligation, free service combines technology and personalised service to make business funding easy. Here are some reasons why FundingHub is a better way to source funding:

More Choice & Flexibility
With over 60 lenders, FundingHub offers more funding options than is found at most lenders and brokers. Our big range of funding options means that we are more likely to find a suitable lending option for your business. In additional to our range of standard options, we can also tailor a solution specifically for your business. We specifically cater to businesses and business professionals.

Speed & Convenience
We offer unparalleled service and support with super-fast and convenient loan processing. This is because we utilize state-of-the-art technology platforms. In addition to our efficient  technology, we also utilize a network of professional brokers throughout Australia. Few other financial services offer this level of efficiency, convenience and personalised service.

We can help many businesses that banks reject.
With 60 plus lenders, we can help many businesses that do not normally conform to the requirements of the major lenders. This is possible because different lenders assess eligibility differently. For example, many lenders significantly discount some income sources such as commissions and rental income. However, it is important to note that irrespective of how our lenders assess income sources, all lenders need to carefully assess prospective borrowers’ ability to comfortably service their loans.

Superior terms and rates.
Even for businesses that meet the criteria of the major lenders, better rates and terms can often be found at smaller or speciality lenders as the biggest lenders often have bigger operating costs. Our large choice of lenders means borrowers have a higher probability securing suitable funding at better terms and rates.

We listen to you and cater to your needs.
FundingHub is committed to the highest level of professional standards and customer satisfaction. We listen carefully to your needs and do our best offer solutions based on those needs. We are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards seek to be build long term relationships.

We aim to support good causes and non-profit organisations
If you are a registered organisation with a good cause, we may be able to offer some assistance:

– Free website hosting
– Advice and assistance with marketing
– Reduced lending fees.

This offer is subject to conditions and available to select organisations. Please contact us to express your interest.